We will be working with the village of Packianathapuram, who has come together with the request for a community center. This village is made up of 75 families and has an economy primarily based on agriculture. Because it is located in a rural region, the structure of the caste system remains prevalent in organization of the social classes, although it is no longer officially recognized. 


Stage 1: Development

Stage 2 : Design

Our project is complete. 

Stage 3: Implementation



We will building a community center that will provide multiple services: economic empowerment for farmers, literacy resources for women and children, and an open platform for discussing community issues. 


Throughout this entire year, we'll be collaborating with the village of Packianathapuram to ensure that our project truly meets their needs. When we travel across the world next June to implement the community center, we'll be building it side-by-side with the villagers.


Working alongside a community in Southern India, our mission is to design a project that is both culturally sensitive and meets the needs of the community. 


We do this in acknowledgement that regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion we deserve the opportunity to work towards a better future. 


We believe that through our efforts we can take a small but measurable step towards changing the world.